Renew Expired CNA License

In order to become a nurse of any kind you must go through a certain amount of schooling. At the end of this schooling you must still pass the state board examination before you will officially become a nurse. This is usually not difficult for people to be able to do. However, in order to stay in their profession they must have this licenses approved.

Like with any type of license that you can obtain, these will expire after a certain amount of time. The same is true for a certified nursing assistant. When it has expired you must contact the state Board of Nursing and ask for an application form. You must also ask them what they require in order to get it back. Each state is different so do not assume what you have to do.

Most certified nursing assistants must have worked at least 160 hours over a two year period to be certified. This will show the board that you are up to date in the latest techniques and that you are not rusty at your job. You will also have to provide documentation that you are a citizen of the United States.

In order to prove that you still know what you are doing and have the right knowledge needed to help people you must pass the examination. It helps to do a small refresher course and give yourself a bit of time to study. Make sure to schedule the test and give yourself time to find out your score. It helps to do this before the license has expired so you are not out of work for a long period.

When you have passed the examination the board will approve you and give you a new license. This must be mailed to you and it could take a few weeks before you will receive it.

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