Private Duty Nursing Assistant

Some people feel called to spend years in school so that they are able to become a doctor and start their own practice. Others feel called to go into school for a couple of years to become an RN (one of the highest nursing jobs in the field). Still others feel that their skills are best kept as a certified nursing assistant.

It is the job of a CNA to take care of the more basic tasks that other nurses do not have the time to do. In this way the people who feed, bathe, or change the sheets for the patients will get to know them on a more personal basis. That is why many of them will go on to become a private duty nursing assistant.

These assistants are also known as home health aides. They will be able to perform all of the tasks that they would at a hospital. The only difference is that they are in the home of the patient and will be there every day for anything that they might need. Some will work with one patient while others will visit a different each patient each day of the week or as needed.


In order to get a job in this field you must have the right education and experience. You need to make sure that you complete the nursing assistant course if you have not already done so. This course could last a few days or it might be a few months. It all depends on what school you go through. Understand that the more training you have the better you will be able to help your patients.

The best thing that you are able to do when trying to get into this line of work is to have some full time experience at a hospital or other health are facility. The people who you will be helping want to make sure that they have someone competent and with some amount of experience.

When you are ready to start find an agency that will hire you. This is going to be easier than trying to work privately. Make sure that they know how many hours you prefer to work.

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