Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing homes are designed to take care of people who do not have the capability to watch over and tend to themselves. It is a home for the elderly that have no family willing to watch over them and people who are mentally or physically unable to feed or wash themselves.

While it might not be the most cheery place to work, it is a place where you will be able to truly help others. First starting off in a job like this can be rough. You will be in charge of tending to each patient in your floor. You will have to wash them, feed them, and even change a few of the adult diapers or catheters.

After a few months you will become attached to them and you will be able to remember their names and to understand what their lives have been like and how you are able to make it a little bit better every day. After a few years you will have enough experience that you will be able to apply for the nursing home administration job.

This job will require you to be in charge of the every day business that is needed to keep a place like this operational and organized. As the administrator you would be in charge of the well being of each and every patient. It is also your responsibility to pay the bills, manage the employees, and make sure that the nursing home meets the state requirements.


In order to be the administrator you must not simply have a BSN or have experience working there. You must also have a degree in health care administration. This will give you the best education and help you to truly understand how it should be run and what steps you must take to keep it organized. It is different from running any other type of business.

You should also consider taking classes in medical coding and medical terms. In that way you will have more knowledge in the field and it will look great on your resume. The more skills that you have the more likely you are to get the job.


Once you have graduated you will need to look at the state requirements for getting your license. The majority of states require you to have a health administration license before you can consider getting hired anywhere.

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