Family Nurse Practitioner Job Description

Did you know that there are dozens of different areas that you will be able to work in when you become an RN? If you have a great bedside manner and love to work closely with patients and get to know them than you should seriously think about becoming an FNP or Family Nurse Practitioner. These positions are offered at doctors’ offices, hospitals, school, and clinics.


In order to get into the nursing practitioner program you have to have completed the Bachelor in Nursing Science degree. This is going to take up to four years. Another prerequisite those most programs want to see on your records is experience in the field. After you become an RN you should go out and get a job and have between one to two years of experience before you try to enter into the practitioner program.

There are going to be a number of schools for you to be able to choose from. Find one that is going to fit your schedule and provide you with the best education. Once you have completed the work you will sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner National Certification Examination and receive your proper credentials.

What To Expect

As a family nurse practitioner it will be your job to examine the patients, make a diagnosis, and help to prescribe treatment options for them. When a patient walks into a doctors office they do not always see the doctor that is in charge because they are in the hospital making rounds.

Who they will see is you. You will be the one that needs to make them feel welcome and comfortable. That way you will be able to ask them the necessary questions about what is wrong, medical history, and anything else that is relevant to the condition that the patient is dealing with.

You will than need to decide what tests should be run or what medicines they should be using. It is a lot of responsibility and you must learn how to see all of the patients without making them wait forever. The average salary for the FNP is around $89,000 a year.

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