Emergency Nurses

As an emergency nurse you will be specialized in being able to assess the problems of patients and treating them at a rapid pace. When the patients come into the ER they are often in trauma of some kind. This will require you to overcome diverse problems at a quicker pace than what is normal for people coming for a simple doctor’s visit.

This is very different from any other type of nursing job that you could have. In order to provide the best care you must have knowledge about the health care that will provide the best care of patients of all ages and with any type of injury. You could be taking care of someone that is suffering anything from the flu to a gun shot wound.

Where You Can Work

As an emergency nurse you will be able to work in hospitals, ambulances, helicopters, urgent care centers, sports arenas, government facilities, or as a teacher. There are a few people that prefer the much quieter pace of teaching potential students the importance of wellness and how to prevent injuries.

It is not uncommon for you to have to go to a school or daycare center in order to teach the child care workers how to keep the kids safe or to teach parents what type of precautions they need to take when driving with the kids in the car. They will even help to teach women how to avoid domestic violence and what to do when it does not stop.


It is customary for an ER nurse to earn their bachelor degree in nursing science and to work their way up to an RN. Research shows that they are constantly updating the knowledge that they have in the field of medicine. In that way they will never fall behind in the latest treatments that can be used.

You will also find that they often try to earn certificates in nurse practitioner, pediatric nursing, and other areas so that they are better able to treat anyone that comes into the ER. Research shows that most emergency nurses will make around $46,782.

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