Education Requirements For Pediatric Nurse Assistant

A pediatric nurse assistant is someone who will work in either a hospital or a private practice. It is their job to assist with both the care and the treatment of infants all the way to teenagers who are 18 years old. They will work alongside pediatricians and medical specialists. They might be asked to perform physical examinations, give out treatment, or administer medication.

After receiving a high school diploma you will need to enroll in a certified nursing assistant program in the college near you. This training course will teach you the basics of patient care including how to take vital signs, understanding medical terminology, and how to put a chart together.

Once you have completed and passed the necessary course you must take the certified nursing assistant examination and earn your license. Most people will have to contact their local health department to apply for the next available examination. Remember to pay for the exam fees or you will not be allowed to sit and take it.

At this point you will be considered a nursing assistant – but not a pediatric nursing assistant. In order to earn this title you must apply for the position at a health care facility. Put together a detailed resume of your qualifications and any work experience that you have had in the past few years.

This is not overly competitive so you might be able to find a job fairly quickly. Understand that you might have to work through a hospital in order to get your name in the medical field and to earn a reputation for yourself before you will be accepted at a private practice.

As a pediatric nursing assistant you could be making between $10 to $11 an hour. This is the average median wage for people who are in this position. On top of this salary you will be given benefits provided by your employer.

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