Education Requirements For Certified Nursing Assistant

There are many levels of nursing that people can succeed in. The most basic levels is the certified nursing assistant. Getting to this level is not difficult and usually only requires a year of schooling. It might not pay extremely well – but it is a stepping stone for those who want to take things further or who simply want to stay at this level.

As a certified nursing assistant or CNA you will be under the supervision of the other nursing and medical staff. In most health care facilities you will either report to the RN or doctor that is on duty. While at this facility it will be your job to provide routine care to the patients on your list.

The training for this career field starts when you enter into a certificate program. You should be able to find these programs at most community colleges. These programs will teach you basic medical care. This includes; bathing, eating, and checking vitals. You will also study subjects of anatomy, physiology, communication, nutrition, and treatments to control infections.

When you have completed the certificate program (that might last for a few weeks or up to a year) you will be required to pass a competency test. This test is based on Federal guidelines and will prove to the state that you understand the materials taught to you and have the ability to provide patients with adequate care.

There are some programs and state board exams that will require you to have some type of clinical training before you can pass. This clinical training will provide you with an insight as to how to perform the tasks you have learned in school and the busy job of a certified nursing assistant. Most programs require no less than 16 hours of clinical training.

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