Welcome to the Nursing blog here at BloggStar! I’m excited to see that you found our website, and I’m happy to provide you with some great insight as to what it’s like to be a nurse in today’s health care environment. I’m willing to bet that it’s not quite what you expected it to be. I suppose you’ll just have to read some of the articles I’ve posted for you!

I will preface everything you read today with the idea that the nursing industry is growing at a very, very fast pace. This is largely attributed to our aging population and advances in medicine. Of course, with the recent health insurance reform in the United States things will only get busier over here for nurses like you and – maybe already or soon – you. We need all the help we can get, and the opportunities for continued education and better income for those of going up the ladder (so to speak) are vast.

Whether you’re starting out as a CNA (certified nurses assistant), LPN, RN or going into a specialty field I’m sure you’ll find this a fast paced and rewarding career. Knowing that you’re responsible, directly, for the well being and recovery of so many wonderful people on a daily basis is a great feeling. You know, as a nurse – you’ll be the first line of defense for many patients. You’ll spend more time with a patient than their doctor will, and it’s up to you to spot problems and help the patient be comfortable and get better as quickly as possible. Are you ready for that?

The medical field is something that more and more people are researching. In order to make the right decision on what you should go for you really need to be aware of everything that has to be done. Understand what is needed to become a nursing home administration or education requirements for registered nurses. The more you know the more you can prepare yourself.

I hope so, and I hope that you enjoy reading the information that I’ve published here for you. I’m sure you’ve got many questions and I’ve tried to cover as many topics as I could for the sake of being complete. Sometimes I just randomly thought of stuff to write about, other times I used tools to help me figure out what folks like you are searching for and are interested in reading. I hope that you find my blog useful, and that you had as much fun reading this information as I had writing it.